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Priory of the Therapeutae - Sanctified Healing

The Therapeutae of Antiquity

The Priory for Healers...

The Therapeutae (meaning "healers") were a religious order of mystical ascetics who lived in many parts of the ancient world but were found especially near Alexandria, the capital city of Ptolemaic Egypt. This pre-Christian group of Jewish ascetics is known today from the writings of Philo of Alexandria, who described the group in his De Vita Contemplativa (On the Contemplative Life), written around 10 C.E. Philo compared the Therapeutae to the Essenes as both sects were known for their exemplary religious devotion and ascetic practices.

The Therapeutae, (from which we derive the word "therapy" and "therapeutic") had doctrines of the Chaldean Magi, and their mysteries, were interpreted to create different schools, the most important of which were Hermeticism, Neoplatonism, and Gnosticism. Greek medicine played an important role in their healing practices. Some authors believe Jesus made contact with this community, which later would produce some of the leading philosophical scholars of early Christian Gnosticism. More…

A chronology of the historical developments of The Therapeutae of Antiquity can be found here.

We invite communicants to read our book SANCTIFIED HEALING to review the history of therapeutics and learn more about SMOKH. The book can be ordered here.

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