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Priory of St. John - Point of Care

The Priory for Healers, Physicians, Nurses, Pastors, Chaplains, Caregivers...

St John Point of Care (™) is a trade name used by authorized 'integrated auxiliaries' (Priories) of the Sacred Medical Order, in different countries, counties, states or provinces dedicated to the teaching and practice of 21st century monastic medical point-or-care and the provision of church based community volunteer services, all of which derive their origins from the St John Hospitaller Order founded in 1049 in Jerusalem, and in 1639. The active contemporary Order known as the Sacred Medical Order of the Priory of St. John (SMOKH - St. Kitts/Nevis) was incorporated in Nevis in 2006. There are now more than 500 members worldwide. The brand name and logo are owned by SMOKH with the international office located in Newcastle, Nevis.

The membership aspect of St John Point of Care is largely ranked, and members fall into a hierarchical structure of Priories. Ranks run from Deacons, through Knights and Dames all the way up to high title of ChorBishop.

Point of care

Monastic Medical point of care is when Deacons, Knights and Dames, deliver healthcare advice, products and services to communicants at the time of fellowship at private health screening care. Details are provided here.

At no time in history, has humanity reached where obesity and metabolic syndrome X have reached epidemic proportions, affecting nearly half of the population in industrialized countries. The target of Point of Care is to assist in weight reduction and glucose control.

Clinical documentation
Documentation performed at the time of pastoral point of care and is conducted using electronic formats and is cloud based. This process aims to capture medical information pertaining to communicant's healthcare and spiritual needs. The communicant's health record is a private, church document that contains details regarding communicant's care and progress. The types of information captured during the clinical point of care documentation include physical signs and symptoms, computed and analyzed that point to the communicant's healthcare needs, goals, and the type of care they may need from healthcare providers.

Mobile devices and tablets provide accessibility to the Electronic Medical Record during the clinical point of care documentation process.Such documentations provides evidence regarding safe, effective and ethical Christian care needed for healthcare institutions and professionals. Furthermore, accurate documents provide a rigorous foundation for conducting appropriate quality of care analysis that can facilitate better health outcomes for patients. It is important to note that electronic formats of clinical point of care documentation are not intended to replace existing doctor's care or clinical processes but to enhance the current clinical point of care documentation process.

Point of Care also enables healthcare practitioners to use decision support tools to detect medication prescription errors and override non-standard medication regimes that may cause fatalities. Furthermore, embedded algorithms may be chosen for people of certain age and weight to further support the clinical point of care interaction.


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SMOKH is a registered charity in Ecuador where it maintains a mission camp in Loma Linda.

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