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SMOKH diplomats give voluntary service to aid and help the poor and needy.


Ambassador Dame Dr. Patricia Castillo - Venezuela. Provides a relief mission with daughter Andreina with the Order joining the Bruce Peru Volunteer Group in Trujillo, Peru, August 2008.
smokh Dame Dr. Patricia Castillo, knighted in Quito, 2006
Nutrition Seminar, Trujillo, Peru
"Actions are better than words . As I was thinking what would be the next step to take to really help, my daughter Andreina and I decided to join the Bruce Peru volunteer group in Trujillo.

They have taken the task of finding the children that are out of the school system and leveling them to be able to attend regular school, so they actually go house by house searching for these kids and offer them the opportunity to learn. They serve one meal a day (bred and cheese is all they can afford)and arrange with a social worker for them to have medical and dental care. All is done with volunteers from arround the world and financed with charity money."
smokh "Since I feel that peace is a priority we wrote a project proposal that included the use of mandalas to improve cognition and memory/attention span and nutrition lectures to help introduce foods that would induce neurotransmitters balace. "
smokh "Food and mental exercises do make a difference in the creation of thoughts that will manifest as inner peace, promoting the state of well being necessary for learning and progressing . "
smokh "Peru turned out to be more beautiful than we thought. The richness of its landscapes, the gentleness of its people and the inmensity of its social problems shocked us and made us reshape our program to adapt to the situation.
They need so many things that it is hard to make a priorities list.
How can we help?
They need:
Education: for parents and children
Food: better nutrition, nutritional guidelines, sanitary advise, quantity and quality. Love, peace and hope: social support, criminality management, moral issues. "
"My project is to reach as many people as I can and hand them written advise on nutrition and natural medicine. For example your recipe for parasites is out there and working for many. I even gave it in Peru on national TV at a press conference they did to cover our work. " " I have found that just nutrition and happiness is a big step and homepathics are the cheapest remedies after infusions. As you know these countries are so poor that pharmaceuticals are out of question."
The Hon. Dr. Krishna Panday in the "mesa sectorial del govierno Colombiano," the medical board which is implemented in Natural medicine in Colombia, our WONMP commisioner.Also other pictures are the "brigadas de salud" where he gives health education, nutritional education, learning to people in the barrio, every friday for the poor and needy.
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