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EMAUS is one of the locations given to foundations to be used to promote the religious life in the community. On March 1977 reflection weekend of religious superiors was held to contemplate the question: How can the religious life be presented to the Antillean community in a way that is accessible and that they can understand. The result create a more open and accessible religious life where visitors individual or groups could find a place for reflection contemplation. The location on Soto on the west side of the island, the Monastery of San Fernando, with patron St. Francis, where the Brothers of Tilburg lived and worked with the youth of the San Fernando boarding school was ideal for this purpose. So in October of the same year, the fraters of Tilburg who were leaving the island made the empty monastery available to the new community. The Brothers leave on January of 1987 their St. Francis convent on Soto and the new group move in their new home that they name House of prayer ‘EMAUS”. The following months the place was prepared to serve its purpose as the place of prayer and reflection for individuals and groups of the community.


The name EMAUS is comes from the bible: Lucas 24: 13.33. After Jesus was crucified, two of his disciples were very sad. Everything was finished. But a stranger joined them and asked them why they were so sad. They replied that the great prophet had left. Then the stranger started reading the scriptures and their hearts caught fire. He explained that all of this was foreseen to bring about the real liberation. The stranger was invited to join them and when he started breaking the bread they recognized him. He left and they returned to Jerusalem to proclaim that the Lord has risen and that he Lives.

EMAUS aims that visitors will recognize the Lord in the same way, to return to Jerusalem. EMAUS is an open house of prayer, a reflection and meditation center, with rooms, a chapel, nature, for stillness and rest. A place for groups and individuals from all walks of life who wants to come together in for prayer and meditation. Themes given throughout the years: Prayer, Our father, Training for meditation, Inner prayer, the living Christ, the holy spirit in the Church, Forgiveness and love.

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