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The Sovereign Order serves the members who are transforming the world of health care. We welcome affiliation with any of the the hundreds of thousands of organizations within civil society that address social justice, poverty, health care and the environment. SMOKH provides its members with the tools and a platform for benevolent deeds. It affiliates with non-profit organizations, funders, social entrepreneurs, students, organizers, academics, scientists, and citizens to connect, collaborate, share resources and build alliances.

smokh Medicine of HOPE

Priory of the Knights of Hope

smokh Priory of the Therapeutae
smokh Priory of St. John

Priory of St. Lazarus

smokh Priory of Knights of Christ (Templar)
smokh Priory of the Star of Bethlehem
smokh Priory of Santiago
smokh College of Priests
smokh Medical Servants of God
smokh Investitures
smokh Hospitallers of the Americas
smokh Christian Home Doctor
smokh Hospitaller/Crusader Museum