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Ecclesiastic Therapeutic & Medical Seminary


SMOKH - the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope - has taken the mission to preserve Monastic Medicine. Now in its tenth year of development and growth, with many members from diverse fields focus, our ministry is on education, Christian charity, and medical preparedness. As an ecumenical Order, new members are welcomed and can apply immediately by contacting us with this online form as a desire or wish to advance into the sacred arts of healing.

SMOCH [Pronunciation] is our Church of special and sacred ministry operated by our medical religious Order, the Knights of Hope. As an ecumenical Order, membership of the Sacred Medical Order is by invitation to both men and women who are of good character and standing in their community, want to learn about our sacred medicines, and who wish to help suffering mankind.

Aims and Objectives of the Medical Order

I. To disseminate the healing principles of the medical mission and function as a Church of special ministry, being a religious Order to receive, preserve, and propagate His doctrines and ordinances.
II. To preserve, protect, and disseminate the sacred medical teachings, the Sacred Scripture and divine Traditions of our forefathers - to be preserved, guarded, cataloging, digitally preserving, and disseminating rapidly disappearing medical texts and scripture to be taught and promote the traditions of monastic medicine and nature cure.
III. To sanction, direct, and govern our member practitioners.
IV. To establish, equip, staff and maintain humanitarian relief and medical treatment centers and hospitals.
V. To promote and participate in all phases of education of practitioners, physicians, therapists, nursing staff, paramedical and nutritional care personnel.
VI. To raise relief funds for all these humanitarian, organizational, and medical needs.
VII. To promote peace and prosperity, by diplomacy, cooperation and consensus.
VIII. To cooperate with IGO's (Intergovernmental Organizations), NGO's (Non-governmental Organizations), and Governmental Organizations for purposes humanitarian and medical needs.

A member of the Sacred Medical Order takes vows and offers duty at all time is to respect our Lord, carry on his ordinances, preserve health and administer healings to the sick and infirm, in various walks of life. These actions are considered our sacerdotal duties in priestly tradition in faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, and in the tradition of the physicians, healers and saints who followed HIM.

Aims and Objectives of the Church of Hope

SMOCH is a Church of special and sacred ministry which is administrated by a medical, religious Holy Order - the Knights of Hope. Our Church is an assembly called out for the specific purpose of benefiting mankind by service in vocation, a call to holiness, with a special emphasis on life as a healer, priest, deacon, or member of our religious community. As an ecumenical Order, membership is by application to both men and women who are healers or ministers of good character and standing in their community, who want to learn about our sacred medicines, and who wish to help suffering mankind by learning and advancing new skills in medicine and nursing. Learn more...


SMOKH (Knights of Hope) are a part of the United Grand Priories of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem.

SMOCH (Church of Hope) is a Missionary Diocese of the Iglesia Catolica del Oriente en Brasil, Latinoamérica y Caribe.

Ecclesiastical Province of the Eastern Chaldean Church in Brazil






Ecclesiastic Medical School & Investiture MIssion, Nevis



Carmel Temple• Houston MIssion

Apostolate Missions for the Immaculate

Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus

Our Sacred Medical and Hospitaller Orders of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem are registered as a Non-Governmental Organisations
within the United Nations Organisation and also within the European Commission and various bodies operating under the Council of Europe.




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